Regional Taxes Information System

It's the solution implemented to manage regional scope taxes, which cover a large and quickly growing area.

To give an idea of size and complexity of the tax information system implemented for Regione Calabria, it's enough to list all taxes and duties that is provided a full automated management for:

• Regional concessions Taxes (TCR)
• Regional extra-tax on methane gas supply (ARISGAM)
• Administrative Penalties Decriminalization Management
• Motor vehicles Taxes
• Taxes for hunting and fishing licence and other agriculture-related fees (TRAFO)

The system provides two categories of software modules, those ones for internal administration use only and the other ones for citizens use.
The modules for internal use allow a clear and organic view of debt framework of each taxpayer, giving the PA a lean and rapid way to detect payment problems to be solved.
Web modules for citizens, structured into dedicated portals, are an information and services supply system through which the user can talk to the Administration to solve problems tax-related. So intended, these services allow to make the taxpayer closer to the administration, that turns from an oppressing and controller subject into a peace-maker one about relations between citizens and PA.

About its behavior, the system provides an interface to external entities, like DTT (Department of Terrestrian Transportation), Agenzia delle Entrate (Income Revenue Agency) and ACI-PRA (Public Vehicle Registry) for data verification, Equitalia (Tax Collection Agencyfor compulsory collection and regional Treasury in order to simplify due payments from citizens and to automate income reporting.
Each taxpayer can use on-line functions to pay due taxes by either credit card or MAV (special interbank process). Alternatively, they can take advantage of authorized collectors services, spread over the whole national territory.

Globally speaking, the system is aligned to guidelines for administrative simplification, enabling the removal of bureaucratic steps and avoiding useless and expensive office lines, thus concurring to turn the Administration’s image from vexatious subject into collaborative one, in order to solve mandatory fulfillments.
The solution is fully integrated with the regional information system, talking, by Web Services, to the Financial Accounting System, in order to request payments in favor of beneficiaries, who are entitled to refunds about wrongly paid taxes.