Since more than 10 years, IFM is a dynamic player on the Public Health market with customized products, built to meet specific requirements within Directional Controls area, and with services whose high quality comes from a deep expertise about Public Health specific domain.

Since five years, together with a national scope partner, IFM supplies its professional services to more than half calabrian public healthcare and hospital companies: provided services concern administrative processes, ranging from accounting aspects (general and operational accounting, steward’s office, personnel payroll and cost accounting) to warehouse management, with special care to medicines and medical devices.

Based upon consolidated expertise on Health environment, IFM has implemented their own software solutions addressed to: Coupon management for celiac patients, Home oxygen therapy management and Territorial Pharmaceutical management.

Special attention was paid to the production of mandatory standard data flows toward NSIS (New Health Information System ).

In addition, IFM has developed a specifc Information System for Hearing Neonatal Screening, addressed to all birth units and specialized audiological centers of Regione Calabria Health System.

The great care taken by IFM in keeping constantly up to date on regulatory news in Health field and the steady innovation’s research as a company’s vocation, result in a significant professional growth of internal human resources: the interaction with management level and organizational structures of healthcare companies has often achieved a valuable improving impact on internal procedures and processes.


SUN - Hearing Neonatal Screening

It’s an information system supporting the universal screening process applied to the congenital hearing loss of new-born population. The system provides an all-phases screening assistance, from prescribed tests execution to definition of therapeutic and rehabilitation process.

This solution can be considered as a basic platform for complex healthcare processes management, in what allows multi-stage screening protocols modeling, designed to be implemented on a health facilities network. Each structure is enabled to provide specialized health cares through operators whose functional abilities are filtered by a powerful profiling system.

The integrated document management system enables a documents exchange related to health care activity, not only within Health environment, but also toward external actors (i.a., parents, pediatrician, etc.), with different stages of visibility and accessibility.


FTO - Territorial Pharmaceutical management

It’s an IT support for management of direct provision to the care recipients within therapeutic course between Hospital an Territory.

Each therapeutic course, whether it is a treatment plan, a prescription or a hospital discharge sheet, is stored on the system, specifying the diagnosis according to CD9CM encoding, and products according ministerial and internationali encodings.



It’s the solution designed for IT management of provision, validation and payment of coupons for patients suffering of celiac disease.

The application is a valuable tool for regular coupons emission check and related use; in addition, it helps in validating invoices, checking coupons and other products therein mentioned.



It’s the solution designed for IT management of home oxygen therapy treatment.

The system allows a timely programming of liquid oxygen consumption to be directly supplied to non-hospitalized patients and ensures a strict spending control, thanks to crosschecking of invoices issued by HCP (Home Care Providers).