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CICLOPE is the complete solution for all bodies of Public Administration fulfilling all requirements about Performance measuring, evaluation and transparency. The software is fully compliant with both local and national regulatory system.



The today’s regulatory framework has fully reorganized the topic of Public bodies performance, suggesting an enterprise approach that should improve the services offering and the ability to meet the needs of the administered community.

The law’s spirit requires that the functions of performance programming, measuring, evaluation and control are to be implemented in integrated and systemic way, though respecting territorial and functional specificity of different public entities.

Therefore it’s necessary the availability of an highly flexible software tool that should suit all the administration’s categories, the organizational structures, the rules and measuring systems, and should be integrated with internal information systems and open toward external ones, in order to directly acquire from different information sources all necessary items to compose a complete reference framework.


CICLOPE solution: functional aspects

CICLOPE is a tool that, besides satisfying all regulatory requirements governing performance management, can give a technical and organizational support to internal structures of PA entities involved with all phases of performance cycle.

In detail, CICLOPE

• supports Administration’s decision process, exploiting all existing information heritage
• manages strategic planning, programming and control phases
• allows targets definition, including organizational units and human resorces concurring to achieve them, financial resources, measurement scopes, expected results and related indicators, planned activities
• ensures continuity to the monitoring of targets progress level
• allows to timely verify the differences between planned and reached results, the delays and difficulties in getting them and to undertake the suitable remedial actions
• manages the measurement ad the evaluation of individual performance of managers and employees
• manages the indicators about financial and organizational according to the Performance Measurement and Evaluation System adopted by the Administration, allowing definition of various evaluation’s factors health state of the Administration
• supplies a rich reporting system, tuned to the goals and the targets of requie information


Among most effective characteristics of the solution, are to be noticed:

• the software is designed to acquire the specific nomenclature adopted by the Body within its organizational structure, the specific information content supporting the process of Performance Cycle management, the different computation’s methods of the measuring and evaluation system adopted by each Administration
reports can be customized by means of simple Word models setup
• the solution is integrated with a Document Management System
• is provided a communication system between users through automatic forwarding of e-mails, generated by the system upon completion of significant Performance Cycle phases
• the software is designed to interface with other information systems, both internal and external to the Administration; special relevance has the dialogue with Accounting Systems, that allow to calculate the economic and financial dimensions related to targets and indicators
• the application provides a powerful and flexible logging system , able to track:

• system's access
• operations involving data base updates
• modified data

Each installation can configure its own logging system according to specific control and security needs

• are included functionalities enabling the publication on the Administration’s official website of all documents associated to performance management.


CICLOPE solution: architectural aspects

CICLOPE is a web solution with a centralized architecture, multiplatform and multiuser. Its high scalability makes it perfectly suitable to any size organizations.

The CICLOPE software development is based on open source platforms and solutions for all architectural layers (operating system, middleware environments, data base management systems and development tools). Thus the installation doesn’t have to meet specific requirements, just the proper processing power. The solution, therefore, ensures the full investment protection with respect to future evolution’s needs of basic technological platform, arising from both workloads increase and obsolescence of devices and basic software.


CICLOPE’s target market

The completeness and flexibility of the solution allow its adoption by every Public Administration (Ministry, Regions, Communes, Universities, Health Companies, …). It can be conveniently used by medium/big size private companies, that intend to be provided with an innovative information system supporting Performance Cycle Management and start, within this area, a change and growth process.


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