Information Systems for PAL

Within local Public Administration

Since its inception, IFM supported communes and other local PA bodies in the hard challenge of primary services first computerization. Today PAL digitization affects more growing areas and more ambitious targets, but it can’t disregard its basic information heritage, which concerns the cross between population and provided services, getting through territory representation and management, covering now a strategic significance.

IFM therefore takes constant care of its offering for local PA, paying special attention to technological and regulatory topics. A long expertise team acquires regulatory updates in order to start necessary software changes and to drive customers to new duties. The application solution is then always aligned to the law. The technical structure supporting this market segment has accrued special skills in the data acquisition, processing and validation, so allowing an immediate integration and utilization within the IFM platform, whatever source it comes. Due to this data management sensitivity, joined to strong competencies on technological platforms, IFM is a valued player in system integration area.

The PAL Information System distributed by IFM is an application suite covering main areas of local Public Administration. It provides a basic service module, whose functionalities are shared, and specialized modules operating at high-level integration. The expertise the solution’s design is based upon makes it perfectly suitable to Local PA entities of any size and complexity, the technical architecture points out its high scalability and the open approach to systems and external application platforms, the object-oriented language with which is written makes it easily maintenable and expandable.
The main areas covered by IFM’s solution are:

• Economic and Financial area
• Demographic Services
• Local Taxes
• Aqueduct service
• Administrative acts
• Cemetery services
• Social services
• Individual demand services
• Programming and Control
• Web services for citizens