Regional Programming Information System (SIURP)

The SIURP project is part of a set of programmed actions of Regione Calabria, directed to improve effectiveness and efficiency of public investments management and control system, related to 2007-2013 programming period. In detail, according to Strategic National Framework, the regional administration allocated significant resources for design and implementation of a new regional information system for public investments programming, management and control, that could provide an integrated view of policies realization, in order to evaluate programming effectiveness and to find incoming problems and remedial actions.

SIURP implements a regional scope Information System for management and monitoring of public investments.

The system has the target to support regional Administration in all steps of programming, inquiry, execution and reporting related to public investments, so as to provide an integrated view of policies realization, with the further goal to evaluate the validity of programming guidelines strategy.


SIURP is designed to reach the following macro-targets:

providing an integrated view of regional policy's data, so concurring to improve programming and management system of FAS resources, structural funds and regional investments
monitoring public investments against programming, ensuring both transparency and evidence of completed activities, and increasing administrative action's effectiveness
Supporting Regional Administration decision makers in priorities choice and in selection of actions and projects oriented to achieve programmed targets
Providing a decision support system for efficient management of actions/projects, progress checking and adoption of correction actions
Ensure correct and transparent use of Administration resources through advanced control tools
Communicating in continuous and transparent way the opportunities offered by integrated programming and by actions undertaken by Administration

The functional architecture of the solution reveals an organization by components, whose software modules represent each a unique functional identity and implements the specific functions of its own business processes.

The application components of the system are:

• Portal
• Programming
• Public procurement procedures
• Intervention Management
• Directional Dashboard
• Controls Monitoring
• Auxiliary Registry


The solution is fully integrated into the Regional Information System and is equipped with integration services with domestic and International information systems. Furthermore, it manages all most significant funding programs, both regional and national ones.

Up to now, the solution has managed more than 80.000 projects. It is also accessible by beneficiaries through Internet network, the total users are about 1.000. Reporting areas and directional dashboards are usable also by mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).