A Management Knowledge System for Enterprises and Organizations

State: ENDED
Funding line: PON Ricerca 2000/2006
Decreto Direttoriale N. 987 dell'11/10/2006


The project aims to the implementation of a Knowledge Management System (KMS), named KMS-Plus, supporting enterprises, organizations and entities mainly operating in the technological innovation field.

The system is oriented to explicit and organize internal knowledge and, then, to provide an integrated support for enterprise activities and processes. KMS-Plus allows the users to share documents, software, information and knowledge used or produced within project teams or, generally speaking, within work teams, improving production processes and managing the available knowledge in integrated and reusable way. The system makes available and integrates a number of functionalities for communication, cooperation and sharing, project and content management and is based on a set of ontologies. The system includes an ontology modeling a generic enterprise process and containing all objects which are parts of the management of projects, people and resources. The system also includes other ontologies, which model the knowledge about the various domains of interest for the organization. In this way it’s possible to create links between the Knowledge Object (this term includes any knowledge element) and the ontologies concepts.
Below are listed main functionalities made available by the system:

• Communication’s tools (forum, shared boards, e-mail, e-conferencing)
• PIM - Personal Information Manager (calendar, agenda, mailing-list, activity manager)
• Project management functions (project monitoring, time sheets analysis and reporting)
• Roles management (business roles and related operations)
• Groups definition and management (practice communities, project groups, confidential groups
• User management functions (profiling, single sign-on)
• Content management functions (content production, annotation of contents to concepts, concept-driven content search)

The developed system enables to model and support knowledge sharing and cooperation, both within a company or an entity, and within a SME’s group cooperating in processes and products development. This results in a strong improvement in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of cooperative development.These functionalities have been implemented using new peer-to-peer and grid cooperation paradigms. According to these methodological and architectural approaches, sharing and cooperation occur in peer-to-peer and dynamic way, and enable any user or user group to use available knowledge according to its roles and objectives, and managing knowledge integration in flexible way.


• Exeura s.r.l.
• Orangee
• T&S s.r.l.

Period: 2004-2006