HSEPGEST - Management of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection in enterprise processes

Integrated system for improvement of management and organizational processes

State : ENDED
Funding line: PON Ricerca e Competitività / PAC 2007-2013
Project code: PON01_02588
Law: Decreto Direttoriale di ammissione: N. 677 del 15/10/2012 (MIUR)

The project implemented a knowledge management framework, finalized to provide an advanced support for improving business and organizational processes related to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. In detail, the framework impacts on the following activities:

• Fulfilling regulatory duties
• Risk evaluation
• Health and vigilance supervision
• Acquisition of documents and certifications
• Periodic audits of effectiveness of adopted procedures

The following partial targets concurred to the achievement of final target:

• Definition of a knowledge model and of storage system
• Definition of system’s conceptual architecture
• Definition of a methodology and of an extended workflow prototype that integrates workflow, company’s knowledge base and includes the user experience
• Implementation of an access system customizable on a content basis
• Definition of a methodology for adopting social tools as support to business processes, based on sentiment analysis
• Development of an integrated prototype focused on a case study in a banking environment


• Asperience s.r.l.
• Università degli Studi di Salerno
• CRMPA (Centro di Ricerca in Matematica Pura ed Applicata)
• Università del Salento
• Euroquasar s.r.l.

Period: 2012-2015