HKMS - Health Knowledge Mining Suite

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery vertical platforms

State : ENDED
Funding line: Contratti di investimento Industria, Artigianato e Servizi
Law: D.G.R. n. 220 del 19/3/2008

The overall project’s target was the development of Business Intelligence e Knowledge Discovery vertical platforms in order to provide services to the Public Administrations, entities and enterprises. Along this guideline, the targeted sector for verticalization actions was the Public Healthcare domain. Has been implemented a solutions suite for data analysis and reporting, addressed to health’s spending management and monitoring, with the goal to optimize the execution of healthcare processes through a significant improvement of data-analysis e data-representation procedures.
The project was splitted in two components, the first one merely analytical and the other one descriptive.

The analytical component was assigned the research and the application of algorithms and techniques of data mining, in order to characterize and detection of health spending factors, like clustering techniques for data clustering and analyzing on a homogeneity basis; they allow to:

• monitor the medicians / pharmacies behavior with respect to medicines producted by a specific pharmaceutical company
• detect medicians / pharmacies groups prescribing / selling medicines producted by a specific pharmaceutical company

Moreover, predictive techniques have been applied to healthcare spending, i.e., the forecast of medicians spending according to some relevant variables (i.e., patients number, related Health Company, specialization, etc.), or the forecast, through Outlier Detection techniques, of odd behaviors, according to monthly expense reports. By means of Associative Analysis is possible to detect jointly prescribed drugs, in order to discover useful relationships between drugs and diagnosis or between drugs and patients categories.

The descriptive phase was oriented to the implementation of reporting tools, in detail directional dashboards, customizable through a set of indicators, which can be tuned up according to specific characteristics.


• Centro di Competenza ICT Sud
• Università Mediterranea
• Exeura s.r.l.
• ID Technology s.r.l.

Period: 2011-2012