CYBER SECURITY - Secure Dematerialization


Funding Line : PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013

Accordi di programma tra MIUR e Regioni su "Distretti ad alta tecnologia, laboratori, ecc" del 7 agosto 2012
Law: Decreto Direttoriale del MIUR N. 2206 del 27/6/2014

The project, referred to PON 2007-2013, in the section of Technologies for Smart Communities, proposes a structured approach for information protection, based on innovative technologies and processes and applied to the whole information life cycle, starting from the document’s creation phase to the operational management (storage, use, copy, sharing, transformation). It’s planned the implementation of a prototype of RMS (Rights Management Solutions) platform and its application on specific fields (Industry and process specific). This platform will be the result of a number of study and testing activities, among which can be mentioned:

• Analysis of digital document life cycle, with special focus on protection issues
• Modeling of digital document risk profiles and definition of Access Governance, Security Governance and Trusted Identity models
• Analysis of techniques, tools, criteria and innovative processes for dematerialization and secure archiving of digital documents
• Definition of business scenarios and application fields to be adopted for applying functionalities of Secure Dematerialization platform



• Poste Italiane S.p.A.
• Centro di Competenza ICT Sud

• IFM s.r.l.
• Exeura s.r.l.
• Sirfin s.p.a.

• Postel S.p.A.
• NTT Data
• Università della Calabria
• Università Mediterranea

Period: 2014-2016