Human Capital

Human resources can be accounted as the main company’s asset. IFM has always paid great attention to personnel selection, focused not only on professional side, but mostly to human aspects, which IFM expects to be consistent with company’s vision and with team concept, characterizing steadily its personnel policy. Hence comes a group capable to combine long-time experienced professionals with young people oriented to new technological frontier, both sharing a core of human and company’s values.

Today IFM can count about 40 people, including 27 employed in company’s core business activities. Accounting and administrative tasks are assigned to 2 people, while 5 staff figures support General Direction, CEO and other managerial functions. Commercial function is assigned to 3 resources covering the different market areas.

IFM’s personnel owns a very large range of  skills , according to the variety and complexity of provided services. A common feature of IFM’s human resources is the ability to work in team and to be communication oriented, making available its own competencies according to the goal to be reached. So people show great flexibility, in fact they can play at the same time both managerial and operational roles, according to the project they are called to collaborate on.

The organizational structure has acquired this ability, so defining professional profiles which allow easy role interchange and testing people flexibility and capability to deal at the same time with different organizational scenarios. The company counts on this professional dialogue to create an ever more compact team, but, at the same time, to develop an internal useful competitiveness, which can push challenging business goals.