BA2KNOW - Business Analytics to know

Funding line: PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013
Asse I (Sostegno ai mutamenti strutturali): Obiettivo operativo Reti per il rafforzamento del potenziale scientifico-tecnologico delle Regioni della Convergenza
Asse II (Sostegno all'innovazione): Obiettivo operativo Azioni integrate per lo sviluppo sostenibile e la diffusione della Società dell'Informazione
Law: Decreto Direttoriale del MIUR n. 1542 del 30/4/2014

The project is part of the enterprise of network Laboratory of Service Innovation, which has the target to study innovation’s processes and models for ICT based services, through the use of Future Internet, Internet of Things and Services with special care to topics of Data Acquisition and Management, Information Discovery, Knowledge Management e Business Analytics, with innovative applications in the following sectors:

• Human health
• Energy saving
• Transport and logistics

The enterprise is divided into two sections:

• Research (BA2Know)
• Training (BA2KnowTraining)



The research activity will develop methods, algorithms and components to elaborate, in joint way, the implicit knowledge and the explicit one; the latter is representable in terms of structured, semi-structured or non-structured information, available on Web, on traditional data bases or on documents repository, in order to effectively exploit the whole knowledge heritage of an organization, to manage its evolution’s dynamics (life cycle management) and to enable moving from individual to collective organization’s knowledge. IFM is particularly involved in the implementation of innovative applications about human health.



The project scheduled the training of Industrial Researchers and of Specialists in Design and Development of Business Analytics and Knowledge Management applications for the Service Innovation platform.


• Università della Calabria
• SI-Lab Calabria
• Exeura
• Engineering
• Università Mediterranea
• Università Magna Graecia
• Omnia Energia
• Dlvsystem s.r.l.

Period: 2014-2016