Intelligent and Adaptive Environments supporting e-government and e-democracy within local public administration

Funding line: PON 2000/2006 - Ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico ed alta formazione
State : ENDED
Fund:Fondo Agevolazione Ricerca
Law: 297/99 - Action: DM 593/5
Decreto Direttoriale N. 2266 del 29/12/2003

The project has developed technological solutions for some local PA's targets about e-government and e-democracy and, specifically, about relationship between municipalities and citizens.

This project was developed using advanced techniques and methods, and facing complex topics, as the effective use of information contents already available within PA, the development of processes governance and transparency support tools, the setup of analysis methods about input/output data quality, topics related to the multimodal and multichannel access to information services.

MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) has included in Research PON 2000-2006 catalog this project because of its industrial relevance.

The catalog contains a collection of 32 exemplary projects chosen among 2300 interventions, according to accurate technological and innovation-driven criteria.


• Università della Calabria - Department of Elettronica, Informatica e Sistemistica 

Period: 2003- 2005